The FoxSwan website has several hidden “Easter Eggs.”  This is hidden content on the website!  Visit each page.  Click around.  See if you can find the others! 

While on safari in Africa, Swan’s parents “misplaced” their newborn child and he was raised by a pack of rabid wolves.  By the time he was four, he took over as pack leader.  Under this new management, the wolf pack became the most successful wolf pack in the history of Africa.  It is not easy to run a pack of wolves.  Especially when you are named after a bird. 

Swan had achieved the pinnacle of wolf decadence and moved on, walking the entire continent of Africa on foot.  Our hero was searching for a higher purpose.  One day, he came upon the unforgiving body of water called the Atlantic Ocean. 

Wanting to discover his greatness, he jumped into the ocean, and swam for the Americas.   He bested powerful currents, massive tidal waves, and adorable baby seals.  Twenty-four hours after stepping foot into the Atlantic, Swan washed up on the shore of California, exhausted.

Fox found Swan and immediately felt sorry for what he assumed was a wounded animal.  He removed his pants, used them to tie Swan to his back, and dragged him home. 

Swan learned to speak English by watching brutal, true to life programs, such as: Wild America, The Jeff Corwin Experience, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

He is now out to tame the entire world with his partner in crime, Fox. Put them together, and you get three things: Unbridled sex appeal, pure animal charisma, and a natural substitute for high fructose corn syrup.  All three can be called by one word: FoxSwan.


* Only true once translated to Russian, then back to English